Friday, January 22, 2010

New Year's Resolution....

Blog more...why, I dunno. I have so much to say, not sure why I don't blog more. I lay in bed at night and write great blogs in my head....but then the day comes and I get busy or when I go to write the amazing blog from the night before I can't remember any of the wit that I thought would be good. I suppose if I get in the habit. Habits is the subject for the rest of the blog.

We all have habits....more bad than good too I bet.
I tend to focus on breaking the bad ones instead of instilling good ones.
I want so badly to have some great GOOD habits.
Some are so simple like take my vitamins daily, put old lady lotion on my face to stay looking young, drink more water.
Then there are the harder ones like, exercise, prepare my lunches, and keep my car clean. Seeing them in written word seems silly when i say they are hard. I like to exercise. I LOVE to dance...would take dance classes every day. I like going to the gym and riding the bike while I read and then using the machines. But I can't afford the gym or dance and even if I could, I feel too tired and wore out. Yes, exercise would all makes sense. There is pretty much only benefits from exercising, yet I don't do it...ugh!

I also have terrible eating habits. I LOVE to eat healthy...yah terrible right? well, the problem is I hate to cook and how many fast, easy Healthy choices are there? not a lot. So I end up not eating. Then by the evening I'm starving and I have most of my food choices at home so I eat a bunch. I don't think I go over calories, but I go long periods of time that my body gets all confused. I also wasn't sleeping much and the combo was bad for my metabolism. I need to get back on track. Just need to start that good habit and then keep it going. My big goal is to make my lunches for the week on Sunday along with a meal plan. Bummer part is I am on a major budget restraint so I'm not able to buy the foods that are healthier, and since I'm a vegetarian it gets even tougher. So I'm still fumbling my way through being a single mom and the one that cooks (Ryan used to be the cook).

Lastly, why the heck can't I keep my car clean? 5 things go in and only 3 come out....4 more in and 3 more out and after a week that equals MESSY car. With my kids it is 7 things in 2 things out....know what I mean?

I'm going to tackle these one at a time and slowly. Because when I try too fast and too much it results in FAILURE....and I'm done with that :)