Tuesday, November 17, 2009's Fall!

Everyday I have something to blog about, but I get so busy, I don't. I write my blog everynight in my head as I try to fall asleep. So many things on my mind. Things I want to share.

Ryan and I still have not come up with a custody we are just playing it by ear right now. He hasn't had them since Halloween. He has requested to have them next week. It makes sense. They don't have school and I work. He doesn't work and neither does his together they can entertain the kids. I imagine my nephew you will also be off from school, so playing with him will be fun for the kids as well.
I'm not a big fan of Thanksgiving. Mostly because I come from such a small family that when we have family get togethers its with the people I see almost on a daily basis. It also doesn't help that I am a vegetarian and that leaves me a meal of green beans and mashed potatoes. For some reason the other night after Ryan and I finalized plans, I laid in bed and it hit me that I was going to be w/o my kids on a holiday. I don't even care abou t the holiday...but it just felt weird. I cannot celebrate Thanksgiving this year. Not that I"m not thankful...because I'm extremely thankful for so many things. Ironically my children are native I suppose it's their holiday r ight? Anyway, I'm going to take a day to myself I guess (unless anyone wants to come over and kee p me company....movies & wine???)
On another note, I would love to become a photographer one day. Family, kids and babies. I have done a couple of photoshoots with my friend and I've been happy with what I have done so far. I'm still not up to caliber...and I hope with pra ctice I will be. Mostly I take a good's j ust not exposed properly...and thankfully I'm pretty decent in photoshop which fixes all that. But I'd like to get it right w/o photoshopping. So I decided that since next week I'm free and it's close to family pictures time for Christmas cards, I'd offer in invitation to you to help us both.

So I'm offering to you a 1hr sessi

on on location (probably at Caldwell Park), 2 Photo Christmas card designs and a CD with Images from the shoot (photoshop touchup included) for $30. Let me know if you are interested :)

....and Happy Thanksgiving!

Some samples below :)


cable said...

You should post this feed on your facebook. I would think people would want to know of a great deal for family photos this time of year. Unless you did already. Then, never mind.