Saturday, June 27, 2009

20 years ago... am I even old enough to say that?
I don't remember who I was talking to, but just the other day I was having the "high school dork" conversation with someone. My name is Lisa and I was a Dork in high school...okay, who are we kidding? I'm still a DORK!
So this blog is for those who didn't know me in high school.
I'm 14, 4'8" maybe around 75lbs and it's my time to start high school. I'm about a size 10/12 in the kids section. Redding had't quite gotten around to carrying size 0's or 1's in the junior's section yet. So I'm stuck in the kids section. Jeans are super uncomfortable for some stretch pants are all I can wear. So I'm a kid's clothes, stretch pants wearing! I still don't need a bra (sorry male readers). I'm a 14 year old in a 9 year old body. And for reasons, I have yet to understand, I felt a need to wear a matching bow clip in my hair with every outfit. I also had a need to match, match and then match some more. I just broke out in the cold sweats at the memory of these outfits! okay, to paint the picture for you I must describe the outfit I wore on my first day of high school.
Cotton knit white shirt with navy blue polka dots (large ones). On top of the shoulders the shirt laced with navy blue ribbon (I know...and I haven't barely gotten started describing). The skirt was also knit. The first layer (yes, I said layer) was the same white with navy blue polka dots ( has to match), the next blue with white polka dots, and the third, white with blue polka dots again. Awww how cute!...but wait, there's more! There was white bicycle shorts (well that's what we called them back then) with white lace trim (this is so you didn't show any goodies to the boys). And just in case i still wasn't dorky enough I also wored navy blue lace tights....and.... a matching bow in my hair. I feel a tightness in my chest recalling this look. This wasn't an abnormal look for me either. The knit outfits were frequent...pattern on pattern....bow on head.
And somehow my husband fell in love with that.
This is the part where I would post a picture...but these pictures have mysteriously!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Song of the Day

I played this song 3 times on the way into work today. I wouln't normally use the term "Bitch" to describe myself, however, when this song comes on it feels like my theme song:

.....I'm a little bit of everything
All rolled into one
Im a bitch, Im a lover, Im a child, Im a mother
Im a sinner, Im a saint, I do not feel ashamed
Im your hell, Im you dream, Im nothing in between
.....So take me as I am....and dont try to save me.....
when youre hurt, when you suffer
Im your angel undercover
Ive been numb, Im revived,Cant say Im not alive
You know I wouldnt want it any other way

Click it, then turn it up!!!

Embrace your Bitch today....LOL! BTW, Bitch just means standing up for yourself, knowing who you are and not taking crap....I believe men are described as strong and confident when doing the same thing.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

For my stampers!!!

Here is a sneak peak at the new catty: Click to see full size image :)

New Chapter

Today a new chapter starts. The last 3 years have brought many changes to my family's lives. We have been in the unknown for a long time. We have struggled physically and emotionally and had many ups and downs. Today was the day. The day that something had to change. A new adventure. Some ideas have been thrown out there, one that has me excited, but only God knows. Whatever direction we're taken in will take us out of our comfort zone. It will require faith in God, strength and perseverance. God has been amazing to me...enveloped me with his compassion...made me realize that putting my life in his hands makes this life worth it. My life could have gone another way, a path that I would wish I never took. But after a life of struggling to give up control...I finally did. I found that letting Go and letting God is an amazing gift. I've unfortunately lost a lot of loved ones on this journey, a causality that I do not take lightly, for reasons I may never know. But I know God has something glorious waiting for me. He will reward my genuine heart, my desire to serve others and my passion to live a life worthy to be known as one of his children.

I pray that you will lead me to a place where I can feel accepted and loved. A place that will bind my family in your strength. I pray that someday I will understand the trials I have been through and the reasons that I was not wanted by this place. I pray that you will give peace to those I love, who hurt so much. I pray you give them wisdom through their struggles and a bright light to lead them in your direction. You're an Amazing God and all who feel your presence are blessed. To you I am thankful and to you I praise. May I honor your name in my faithfulness.

Psalm 86:15
But you, O Lord, are a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

God Bless Scrapbooking!

This Saturday I had the privilege to go to an all day crop (15 hours). In my world that is equal to heaven :) The crop theme was Fourth of July. They gave us a kit with papers, stickers and die cuts. They had a contest for the best layout made from the contents of the kit. At 5 o'clock we entered our pages (anonymously). They set them out on a table and numbered them. Then all the attendees voted for their favorite (about 10 entries and 30 voters). Usually when I see all the layouts, I have a pretty good idea if I have a chance at winning. There were so many good layouts that I honestly did not think I'd win. Later that evening they announced the winner...and it was me! Yoo Hoo! I won a $25 gift card to Starbucks. Now I won't have to feel guilty for the next 5 coffees. Wow, I just realized how sad that is that I can only get like 5 or 6 coffees with $25....what a rip! The layout is to the left.

The rest of the day was so fun. I sat in between two duos of scrappers. On one side was best friends with kids Joey's age....they were funny and spunky. I really enjoyed talking with them. On the other side was a girl younger than me with her mother in law. They were also very nice. I like getting to know new people. I had a pretty productive day and I felt very creative! Here are the other layouts I did:

*The first two layouts are of our first camping trip in our travel trailer last summer. The 3rd layout is Kendall riding her bike in her ballerina tu-tu....that is sooo Kendall!

Awhile back I got a one-page kit. I always do 2 page layouts so I did the other half yesterday too. Now it just needs pictures. I really like how it turned out.

And to top off the evening.....I pulled out onto Cypress at a little past midnight. I think I was the only car on the road. I rounded the corner onto S. Market...I swerved a little...and then noticed the cop behind me. I knew he'd pull me over and ask me if I had been he did. I am sure he was disappointed when I told him I had just been crafting for 15 hours and I was just tired. Thankfully he sent me on my way with no ticket. Ironically, earlier in the day the girls and I were swapping "Pulled Over" stories....My never being pulled over by the cops (just by a park ranger once), is now something I can't say. Too Funny!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I have this big fear that people won't read my blog, won't come to my funeral and now won't pay my ransom if I get kidnapped. I'm watching the season premier of "Weeds" (who doesn't love a pot dealing mom?). One of the characters is held hostage and they show the guy calling everyone she knows demanding they pay her ransom or he kills her. Everyone who answers makes some smart ass comment and hangs up... no one would pay it and no one seemed to care that she was going to die. Please tell me that someone would pay my ransom!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Trash the Dress

A while back I wanted to practice my photography skillz, so my friend Natalie and I went near the downtown mall and shot photos in an alley. When we were almost done a girl comes walking by in a hooker like racing outfit. We asked her where she was coming from and she said a photo shoot underneath "Need to Speed". She said they had all these hot cars and that there was a photography workshop going on. So Natalie and I high tail it down to the underground parking lot to find the scene that the girl had just described. We asked if they minded if I shot Natalie with the cars. They were just finishing up and they didn't fact they all flocked to Natalie (she's 6', hot and had crazy makeup on). We probably spent an hour was so fun! I found out that this guy Mark Behrens holds these workshops to help photographers learn more. I was so excited to have stumbled upon this. I couldn't wait to take one of his workshops (which I have yet to do). So this last weekend he was having a "Trash the Dress" workshop at Brandy Creek. What this means is a female wears her wedding dress in the water. Sounds lame, but is really beautiful. My friend had done one of these shoots before as the model. The pictures were so neat and I wanted it to do it too. I unfortunately can't fit into my dress at present time, nor would I want to ruin it. Mark has some wedding dresses for the models. But I figured I'd see if I could borrow my friends' dress and she was very nice to lend it to me. Modeling is a lot harder than it looks. I hurt all over! Squatting, tilting my head, arching my back and holding it....did I mention I was in the freezing cold water at Brandy Creek?So are a few pics....I'll post more when the photographers post them.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


This week I am cleaning it all out! I'm going room by room and purging. I keep things thinking I might need it later. I'm really going to get rid of stuff this time. I can't stand the clutter...the house is always a mess. I also need the moolah for the truck and trailer registration, Kendall's summer day camp and my emergency room bills. So this Saturday I'm going to have a yard sale. I will kill two birds with one stone: decluttering the house and making some money!

Ryan and the kids have gone to the coast until I hope they aren't too upset when they get home and see a bunch of stuff missing.

So come on over Saturday from 8-2 and I'll make you a deal....hee hee!