Monday, January 25, 2010

Hello Kitty

First off, let me just say a little Woot! Woot!....3 blogs in the new year already :p

So on Facebook there was a weekly theme to put a retro pic of yourself on your profile. I do not have any pics of me handy as they are all packed in the hopes that I may actually sell my house sometime soon. This week I saw a few people mention to post your favorite character. So that is one I can participate in. I assume you as my reader are smart enough to now relate the title of the post to who my favorite character might be :)

I'll never forget the Sanrio store in the mall as a little girl. I LOVED Hello Kitty! I still love Hello Kitty. Certain people in my life tease me about this...and YOU know who YOU are! So to show that I'm not alone in liking this little kitty, I searched some images on the good ol' web to show some cool Hello Kitty shwag! (look closely, I think a few might give you a little giggle!)

I would like to say that I'm not obsessed with this character. I don't have Hello Kitty everything....I don't collect Hello Kitty stuff...I do however encourage my daughter to also have a love for Hello Kitty so that I can enjoy it a little more :)
Does getting a Hello Kitty tattoo mean i'm obsessed with her? I don't think it does...I just really dig her image. I'll be getting this tattoo this spring or summer. She will rest to the left of my belly button and just a little north of the bikini (like the picture to the right here...but the image a little more on my tummy). Here are two that I think will look like what I want.


Vicki Aday said...

Alright, I will be ok with the Hello Kitty tatoo; that's cute. LOL Oh and I love the new look of your blog. :)