Friday, May 29, 2009

I realize no one is reading this.....oh well! I was just thinking of a funny story. I was a very prudish teenager.....didn't drink, didn't do "things", didn't skip school....pretty much a prude! So senior year's eve....spending the night at the best buds house....we decide it's trick night. We invited our guy friends over (two who happened to be the "pastor" kids). We got my friend's mom to buy us non-alcohol wine. We then put this wine in a real wine bottle. Then us girls (3 us of us) practice a game that we would play later. Then the boys arrived. We talked them into playing this game. We played some game and if someone lost they had to take a drink of "wine". Well us girls were good of course and one of the guys kept losing. He started to get "drunk" what the mind will tell you. Then another guy came over and I can't quite remember the next events. All I remember is that one of the guys was "drunk" and there was a whole fiasco. We told them it wasn't real wine. They got totally mad at us and I'm not even sure they believed us....but to this day it totally cracks me up. I hear about all these teens that were really drinking and just a few weeks before my 18th birthday I was playing tricks on a pastor's kid. I only hope my daughter will be as naive and goody, goody I was. So I guess I should apologize to those certain someones....but c'mon...that was hella funny!

Tooth Fairy

My son lost his first tooth a few months ago (thought it would never happen). His top front tooth has been so loose forever now. I get so grossed out by loose teeth and so does Ryan. We both say the other one has to be the tooth puller. My dad was the tooth puller growing up. Joey goes to his house twice a week, so I say to him to have Grandpa pull it. So anyway, last night Joey is telling me his bottom tooth is loose too. Ryan says he'll bite the bullet and help him pull his tooth. I thought they were talking about the top one that has been dangling forever (ewww!). Joey comes out with his tiny little tooth (from the bottom). I'm like what about the top one? He wouldn't go for 2 teeth in one day.

So later that night I'm in bed about to visit dream land when I realize that the tooth fairy hasn't visited. Crap! I get up and start searching for money. I found Ryan's wallet and it had exactly $2 in it (which is what Joey got for the first tooth). Which by the way, I took a poll to see what the going rate is for teeth these days is and the consensus is $5. Nuts! But Joey told me that he thought he'd get $2 and so that's what I did. Anyway, Joey sleeps in a loft bed and with his cat. So when I went in there...oops, I mean when the tooth fairy went in his room, the cat meowed and made Joey stir. I waited a minute and then slowly climbed up the ladder. I could not find the tooth box....shoot, what do I do? I climbed back down and stuck my hand up through the side railing and felt around. The cat took this as an opportunity to play and began to attack my hand. My hand finally stumbled upon it and the tooth fairy had a successful visit. I believe she will be visiting again very soon. How will my son eat?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hi all,

I hope you had a fun Memorial Day weekend! I went to a scrapbooking retreat from Friday-Sunday. This is the first time that I have gone without friends or family. I knew I would know people that would be there from when I worked at the Scrapbook store. I pretty much make friends with anyone and if we have scrapbooking and kids in common then there is definitely no problem in finding topics to talk about. So we sit in groups of four and I was the first one to get there out of the group I was sitting with. A little bit after I arrived two of the ladies from my table arrived and sat across from me. I heard them mention their "boys" and figured they must have kids. I asked them about them and one had a 7 & a 10 year old boy and the other had a 4 & 8 year old boy. Perfect since I have a 7 year old boy. They asked what school Joey went to and I said Sycamore. The lady says, "I'm a teacher at Sycamore. I teach 1st grade". She is new this year which is why I don't know her. I told her she probably knows my son because everyone knows my son. He is very social with the adults at school. I showed her a picture and said his name and she said, "Oh yah, I know Joey. He's in Mrs. Rognier's class". I told her that was right and then she said that Mrs. Rognier was the other lady that was coming and would be sitting next to me. What a small world! I really like her and had a great time with her and the other two ladies. We had lots in common with our boys. So I had a good weekend. Got some layouts done and there was a teacher there who had a bunch of projects for us to make too. At the end of the retreat they do a contest for the best layout. I never win cause I always go with these two girls who always win. This time I didn't have to compete against them and won first! Woo Hoo! Here's my layout:

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What color are my eyes?

I have had this discussion with many people and I thought the consensus was that they were green and not hazel. Now this is being disputed and to be honest I don't know cause I don't look at my own eyes. They hid behind thick glasses for most of my life, so I didn't pay much attention to them.
So you tell me... here's wikipedia's description:

Visually, gray eyes often tend to appear to change between the shades of blue, green and gray; this is because gray eyes are extremely light, as mentioned before. The color change for gray eyes is usually influenced by the lighting and the colors in the surroundings (such as clothes, makeup, etc.).

Green eyes:

Hazel eyes:

Hazel eyes often appear to shift in color from a light brown to a medium golden-dark green.
Definitions of the eye color "hazel" vary: it is sometimes considered to be synonymous with light-brown and gold.

Now one more point that was made for hazel eyes is: In North America, "hazel" is often used to describe eyes that appear to change color.
Which in this case it would mean that I have hazel eyes But based on the photos the gray eye looks the closest to mine. Plus it says that the eye reflects color based on surroundings and if I wear blue they are bluer, green then greener and a lot of times they are a grayish color.I've never heard someone say, "My eye color is gray" that sounds weird. But then again, I am weird!

So what do you think? This is serious business folks...I don't want to be lying on my driver's license!

This is for you Amy :)

click on image to enlarge.

BTW, I'd love comments on any of my posts. It'll make me feel special and you want me to feel special don't you?

Blog - Numero Dos

So the last couple of days my irritation level has just been going up and up and compounding. Usually if something irritates me, I'll fuss about for a bit and then move on. Like when drivers cut me off, steal my parking spot (Jerk at Rite Aid), get an unexpected bill in the mail, etc. But usually those annoyances are just here and there and I have time to recover in between them. This week is feels like they are bombarding me. In fact, I just got interrupted writing this blog to fight with my husband. I seriously have no more patience for all this. I go all day being irritated and then come home to my kids throwing tantrums because they can't do things they want, or don't want to do the things they are supposed to or eat the dinner I make. By bedtime I'm so tense it's no wonder I only average a few hours of sleep each night. Ugh! Calgon take me away.

So speaking of lack of sleep, I went to one of my doctors on Monday, to talk about my insomnia and fat ass. Wait, let me back track a moment here. Last June I read "Skinny Bitch" thinking that it'd be a funny diet book. I was trying to lose the last 10lbs of baby weight that I just couldn't seem to lose. Well that book will pretty much make anyone become a Vegan...including me. The day I read the meat section, I decided to never eat meat again, and I haven't since. The dairy thing is iffy with me. I do agree on all the reason not to eat any animal byproducts, but with my lifestyle it's just so hard to cut all dairy (especially since I hate soy, rice and almond milk). So anyway, I also made the commitment to buy whole and organic foods whenever possible. I read every label and I feel like I'm eating super healthy. So over the next 5 months I lost 15lbs...woohoo! I felt amazing! I could fit into my clothes again, people kept telling me how great I looked. I even maintained my weight through Christmas. Right around New Year's Ryan and I were really having troubles and I totally lost my appetite. The thought of eating made me want to gag. And that's when the weight gain began. How flippin' fair is that? I've gained the 15lbs back and I still can barely eat. When I do eat, I eat my healthy crap for the most part. So now back to seeing the Dr. He was saying that my body is starving and holding on to what little it gets. I don't get this because anorexics don't get fatter. So now not only does life suck right now, but I'm fat! The doctor told me that I need to speak to a dietitian and get a better diet. I told him the foods I do it and he told me I'm eating 90% crap. What? How is that? I think I'd be better off eating fast food 5 times a day then eating healthy twice a day. He said I need to exercise...duh? So I'm super tired because I don't sleep, I have no energy because I don't eat and now I'm supposed to start exercising....yah, I see that happening. Not to mention it's getting freakin' hot so any free exercise I can get like bike riding and walking would be really torturous. Wow, can I whine or what? Just venting...okay and complaining very! ok, i better go before this gets so long you stop reading.


Monday, May 18, 2009

So it's been almost exactly 2 years since I blogged...nuts! I have been wanting to blog again for a while. I have this fear that no one will read it. I feel like I have a lot to say and share. I'm also getting into digital scrapbooking and I really want to become a designer and if I do that then I will definitely need a blog. So for now, I'd love to share my humorous life...and by humorous I mean all the accidents I seem to find myself headboards falling on my head, or me trying to crawl into bed and totally missing and banging up my leg pretty good. I seemed to have really good luck and really bad luck....I don't seem to just ever be average. But I never wanted to be average anyway, so I guess I asked for it. Being super small as a child I was forced to be different and so I decided to roll with it. Since I had to shop in the kids section (and back then the kids clothes were very kiddish), I had to come up with sort of a wild style to make it look like I wanted to wear the clothes I had. Surprisingly I did not get made fun of....or at least not to my face. To get an idea of how small I was....I was 4'8" and about 70lbs when I started high school. I remember thinking that if I ever weighed over 100lbs I'd be a cow. Now I can't even fathom being that weight....I wouldn't even want to weigh that little. It's funny how perspective changes the older I get.

So as you can see, I get on random tangents. Maybe another thing that makes me not so average...or maybe I'm more alike to you than I think. Well we'll see how well I keep this up. I'm on the computer way more than I should be, so I don't have an excuse not to blog daily. I pretty much refuse to talk on the phone anymore and so cyber space has been my main form of communication. I've actually made it so I can only get calls from my family. So if you try to call me at home and you get a message saying I won't accept your call....then call me on my cell or email me (I literally check my email all day).

Signing off!