Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Addiction, what an ugly word! I previously wrote about "bad habits"....well, I am finding that I also have addictions. I used to say I didn't understand addiction, because I don't have an addictive personality. I'm finding that I do. I'm so addicted to the computer. It's bad....I can't go a day without it and if I do it's because I'm out of town and very busy. Tonight Facebook is not working and this has me in withdrawals...I feel ashamed. I love to play scrabble at night on FB, the game stimulates my brain and relaxes it at the same time. I feel lost tonight. I NEED to be doing non computer things. I'm so exhausted and I just want to lay in bed. Oh me oh my...I'm gonna blame Daylight Savings Time...the darkness makes me lazy. During the summer I keep up on chores better, I go out in the evenings, I don't feel like I just want to get under the covers and not come out. DSV is coming soon....I'm gonna kick some addiction ass soon, very soon ;)