Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I'm having so much fun with coupons! Since I'm totally broke, this coupon thing is helping me with retail therapy...even if it's just shampoo! See if I can get it free, I don't care what it is :p

I started following The Sassy Saver a few months ago, but still didn't get into the coupon thing until my sister ran into a mutual friend at Target who was couponing in a major way! She emailed my sis her secrets and the rest is history! I want to share as much with you as I can so that you can enjoy free or cheap retail therapy too!

First subscribe to these two blogs and

I also came across this today and have yet to read through it, I'll share it, but I don't know as of yet how treasurable this link is :p

I was hoping to share some photographs that I had taken last night today, but unfortunately the shoot got rescheduled....


Jamie said...

Bummer, why did your shoot have to be pushed back? Thursday there is a photo meeting, it starts at you want to go with me?