Monday, October 18, 2010

First shoot of the season

I had such a great time shooting the Schlange family this last Sunday. They made my job so super easy! First of all they are an adorable family and secondly they just did exactly what I suggested. I think the pictures turned out great, I hope they do too! I can't wait for my shoots next Sunday....I have so many ideas for them flowing through my head. All 3 will be totally different. I'd just like to Thank God for the opportunity to do something I Love :)


Tony said...

Lisaaaaa!! Those are some pretty pictures =DD Were they all taken in Old Shasta?? I really love the one where everyone is walking by the old brick buildings.. I bet the family is really really happy with how they all turned out!

Andrea said...

CUTE PICS!! LOVE THE BACKGROUND!!!! Lisa I am just getting into the blog thing..sorry I didn't follow before!!