Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm saving, I'm saving....

This couponing is addicting and so much fun! But my chores are slagging as I am spending time clipping and organizing my coupons.

I'm so thankful to all the coupon blogs...they truly are the ones saving me money. I'm sure I could (and well do) figure out some great deals on my own, having them be totally lined out for me is awesome. The very first blog I followed was: and she is having a contest that I sure would love to win, because it's for MORE COUPONS! lol!

I really suggest you try this coupon thing out, especially if you have a super tight budget. When my family had two incomes I could go to Target and pick up that cute pillow that matched my couch, or buy my daughter a pair of shoes she didn't need because they were just too cute for words. But now I have to watch my spending very carefully, literally every penny makes a difference. I no longer treat change as a nuisance, it's now part of my budget.
So how do you start couponing? Well read the "Be a Sassy Saver" on the above blog, go to and print can print them twice from each computer. Then you should go to if you have a Rite Aid in your area and watch the videos for big value coupons. They last from 30 seconds to 3 minutes depending on the company. I just turn my volume off, hit play and then do something like organize, clip, write, whatever while it plays...but make sure you are paying attention to when it ends because you only have 30 seconds to enter a code in to get the coupon. It sounds long and complicated, but really isn't. Then you can combine these Rite Aid STORE coupons with MANUFACTURER coupons with their sale price and get things for super cheap or lots of time FREE!!! Target also has coupons on their site and you don't need to watch a video (but I don't find their deals nearly as good). I hope this gets you started!


Connie074 said...

Hi Lisa, This is great! You have always been so good about finding the deal. Hope you're having a wonderful week. Gotta get back to work. Love you! Connie