Thursday, February 11, 2010


So my FB took about 28 hours to reappear....That's a LONG time if you are an addict. What to do, What to do? What did I do before FB (it wasn't that long ago). Oh I remember, Digital Scrapbooking free downloads. I used to spend a good hour if not hours a night going through my favorite site:

I'd find the great scrapbook kits that I could download for FREE and it helped give me that shopping fix. I LOVE to buy scrapbook supplies! My friend Jamie has taken up digital scrapbooking and this week she asked if I wanted to take a challenge on one of the websites she learns through...I figured sure...especially since I have NO access to my beloved Face Book. The challenge was to creat a page with a quote from a movie or song. Here is the page I did: