Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Been a while

I always have so much to blog about...but then I never do. I severely lack motivation and energy. This is something that I'm working on. Trying to get on a consistent exercise routine, continue to put healthy foods in my body and lastly, I got back on my meds that help keep me alert. I really wanted to stay off of them and did for several months...but I was miserable. So unfortunately, all of these things cost money. Yes I could exercise for free, but that's not realistic. I won't do it. I need the structure of a gym. And as messed up as it is, healthy food is a lot more expensive then junk, America is backwards! The meds are $500 a month ( I will try to stretch that). I did go on the manufacturers website and they have an assistance looks like I'd that offers me some hope.
My Dr. wants me to have some blood work done. Hopefully it offers some information about this fatigue and weight issue. I'm also going to a weight Dr. to hopefully help me lose this weight I gained (for reasons I'm not totally sure of). Seems lack of sleep, stress and not eating much made me gain weight...weird. So now I need to lose it and with all my ailments it's quite the obstacle. So I'm excited by all this. I hope to feel good overall VERY soon!