Friday, May 29, 2009

Tooth Fairy

My son lost his first tooth a few months ago (thought it would never happen). His top front tooth has been so loose forever now. I get so grossed out by loose teeth and so does Ryan. We both say the other one has to be the tooth puller. My dad was the tooth puller growing up. Joey goes to his house twice a week, so I say to him to have Grandpa pull it. So anyway, last night Joey is telling me his bottom tooth is loose too. Ryan says he'll bite the bullet and help him pull his tooth. I thought they were talking about the top one that has been dangling forever (ewww!). Joey comes out with his tiny little tooth (from the bottom). I'm like what about the top one? He wouldn't go for 2 teeth in one day.

So later that night I'm in bed about to visit dream land when I realize that the tooth fairy hasn't visited. Crap! I get up and start searching for money. I found Ryan's wallet and it had exactly $2 in it (which is what Joey got for the first tooth). Which by the way, I took a poll to see what the going rate is for teeth these days is and the consensus is $5. Nuts! But Joey told me that he thought he'd get $2 and so that's what I did. Anyway, Joey sleeps in a loft bed and with his cat. So when I went in there...oops, I mean when the tooth fairy went in his room, the cat meowed and made Joey stir. I waited a minute and then slowly climbed up the ladder. I could not find the tooth box....shoot, what do I do? I climbed back down and stuck my hand up through the side railing and felt around. The cat took this as an opportunity to play and began to attack my hand. My hand finally stumbled upon it and the tooth fairy had a successful visit. I believe she will be visiting again very soon. How will my son eat?


cable said...

Too funny. $2 is nuts! My kids get $1. They get it in the form of a Sacagawea Dollar, so they never want to spend it.