Monday, June 8, 2009

Trash the Dress

A while back I wanted to practice my photography skillz, so my friend Natalie and I went near the downtown mall and shot photos in an alley. When we were almost done a girl comes walking by in a hooker like racing outfit. We asked her where she was coming from and she said a photo shoot underneath "Need to Speed". She said they had all these hot cars and that there was a photography workshop going on. So Natalie and I high tail it down to the underground parking lot to find the scene that the girl had just described. We asked if they minded if I shot Natalie with the cars. They were just finishing up and they didn't fact they all flocked to Natalie (she's 6', hot and had crazy makeup on). We probably spent an hour was so fun! I found out that this guy Mark Behrens holds these workshops to help photographers learn more. I was so excited to have stumbled upon this. I couldn't wait to take one of his workshops (which I have yet to do). So this last weekend he was having a "Trash the Dress" workshop at Brandy Creek. What this means is a female wears her wedding dress in the water. Sounds lame, but is really beautiful. My friend had done one of these shoots before as the model. The pictures were so neat and I wanted it to do it too. I unfortunately can't fit into my dress at present time, nor would I want to ruin it. Mark has some wedding dresses for the models. But I figured I'd see if I could borrow my friends' dress and she was very nice to lend it to me. Modeling is a lot harder than it looks. I hurt all over! Squatting, tilting my head, arching my back and holding it....did I mention I was in the freezing cold water at Brandy Creek?So are a few pics....I'll post more when the photographers post them.