Sunday, June 21, 2009

God Bless Scrapbooking!

This Saturday I had the privilege to go to an all day crop (15 hours). In my world that is equal to heaven :) The crop theme was Fourth of July. They gave us a kit with papers, stickers and die cuts. They had a contest for the best layout made from the contents of the kit. At 5 o'clock we entered our pages (anonymously). They set them out on a table and numbered them. Then all the attendees voted for their favorite (about 10 entries and 30 voters). Usually when I see all the layouts, I have a pretty good idea if I have a chance at winning. There were so many good layouts that I honestly did not think I'd win. Later that evening they announced the winner...and it was me! Yoo Hoo! I won a $25 gift card to Starbucks. Now I won't have to feel guilty for the next 5 coffees. Wow, I just realized how sad that is that I can only get like 5 or 6 coffees with $25....what a rip! The layout is to the left.

The rest of the day was so fun. I sat in between two duos of scrappers. On one side was best friends with kids Joey's age....they were funny and spunky. I really enjoyed talking with them. On the other side was a girl younger than me with her mother in law. They were also very nice. I like getting to know new people. I had a pretty productive day and I felt very creative! Here are the other layouts I did:

*The first two layouts are of our first camping trip in our travel trailer last summer. The 3rd layout is Kendall riding her bike in her ballerina tu-tu....that is sooo Kendall!

Awhile back I got a one-page kit. I always do 2 page layouts so I did the other half yesterday too. Now it just needs pictures. I really like how it turned out.

And to top off the evening.....I pulled out onto Cypress at a little past midnight. I think I was the only car on the road. I rounded the corner onto S. Market...I swerved a little...and then noticed the cop behind me. I knew he'd pull me over and ask me if I had been he did. I am sure he was disappointed when I told him I had just been crafting for 15 hours and I was just tired. Thankfully he sent me on my way with no ticket. Ironically, earlier in the day the girls and I were swapping "Pulled Over" stories....My never being pulled over by the cops (just by a park ranger once), is now something I can't say. Too Funny!