Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This and That

Life seems so crazy right now but peaceful. How can that be? My family and I are going through so many changes...scary changes that I'm not that scared about. Besides the advenures of my gymnastic days of flipping off anything I could find, I'm not advernturous. I like safety, what I k now and total control. I don't like the feeling of roller coasters, I have no desire to bungee jump and I don't even like to drive fast. But I need an adventure...I need some excitement after such a dark past few years. I'm sad to leave some behind, but I'm not worried that they will be just fine without me. Plus it will give them a reason to go on a trip to visit (hint). I'm hoping that between now and then I learn the skill to talk less and listen more, to not be such an open book, and be more go with the flow. That's a tall order...but I'm gonna try.

I want to thank those who have given me hope...sparked feeling back into me...rallied for me to get back to living. Thank you to all my online buddies...I love chatting with's so freeing...and I feel tons of support that way...I hope to see you all and not just be cyber buddies...Some of you were my best friends at once (so many fun times)'d I'd love to relive those times!

Mostly I'm thankful for this darn computer...I love that I can google anything I have a question about, shop, chat, play, keep in touch, do business, bank...seriously an amazing invention. I always think of the scene from "Blast from the Past" when the guy says he'll check something on his computer and Brendon Frazier says, "you have a computer? in your house?" Imagine what they thought in the 50' wonder our elders don't understand us...I remember having to go to the library to research papers for school. Funny!



Ramon said...

Reading this post (especially the first paragraph) makes me wish I knew you better. I almost feel like you wrote what I was thinking; like I might have written that same paragraph if I had a blog. The part about a dark past few years and leaving some behind. Life seeming so crazy but peaceful. Wow. God bless you and keep you. I know He will continue to guide you through changes, decisions, and feeling newly purposed.